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PostSubject: The Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)   Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:09 pm

The Rules

-Neither of these will be tolerated.
-1st offense: 20% warning.
-2nd offense: 50% warning.
-3rd offense: Quick Ban.
-4th offense: Banned for 2-Weeks
-5th offense: Perma-banned.

Basic Rules
-Inappropriate pictures will not be tolerated. They will be removed upon sight and you will be Quick-Banned. A 2nd offense will result in a Perma-Ban.
-DO NOT advertise other sites. The thread/post will be deleted and a warning will be issued. Advertising is only allowed in your sig.
-NO HACKING! You will be Perma-Banned.
-This is for Mods only: If you ban me, I will have another Moderator revoke the ban and Perma-Ban you. That includes an IP ban so you cannot double account.

The Warning System
-You have 10 warning points equal to 100%.
-Please do not argue w/ a moderator upon being warned. If you feel it is unjust, PM me and I will take care of it.
-If your warning level reaches 50% (+5 points), your posts are moderated by the staff for 1 hour.
-If your warning level reaches 60% (+6 points), your posts are moderated by the staff for 6 hours.
-If your warning level reaches 80% (+8 points), your posting privileges will be revoked for 1 day.
-If your warning level reaches 100% (+10 points), you will receive a temporary ban (2 days).
-All users are permitted 3 temporary bans. If you exceed 3 temporary bans, you will be permanently banned.
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